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What Text To Speech Do Youtubers Use?

Speech ensures to increase the viewer’s experience in the YouTube journey successfully. Whether you are into storytelling or have a regular sales pitch, speech plays a key role in binding the viewers to the video and the concept. Besides this, the speech should have a good voice and an appreciable speaking ability. 

However, everyone cannot get all of them. But, we have good news for the YouTubers, here is a free text to speech to use. People hire voice artists to have the voiceovers for the videos and pay highly for them. 

In this blog, we shall discuss the best and free to use Text to Speech for YouTubers. Here is the list of free TTS for commercial use.

Free Text to Speech for YouTubers

Nura Voice

Nura Voice tops the list for free text to speech for Youtubers because it has all the features that a beginner would look for. The software helps the creators have a seamless and smooth speech generation for their videos. It is suitable for their respective needs. Use it as an educational tool or voice assistant or as a language translator.

It offers multiple languages and multiple voices for the users to select the one as per their needs. The best part is that it is free to use forever- it does not come with any free plan or paid plan. For all those looking for the commercial text to speech convertor  Nura Voice allows you to download the audio as well. 


  • Seamless speech generation
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple voices and languages
  • Free to use
  • Control of adjusting speech and pitch
  • Best for Commercial Uses
  • Easy to download Audio


Speechlo is one of the most known and convenient-to-use text-to-speech platforms for YouTubers. The noteworthy point is that it has a powerful text-to-speech software hosting multiple voiceovers and several human languages. It comes in 60 voiceover variations in 23 different languages. You can easily access Speechlo from their official website- anytime, anywhere. You also get the liberty to pick your male and female voiceovers from the given options for your speech. Besides this, you can also change the breathing, tone of voice, change speed, pauses, pitch, and others as per the speech requirement.


  • Voiceovers from different genders
  • Easy functionality and user interface
  • Three specific tones to set according to speech
  • Variety of choices between 23 languages
  • Control of adjusting speech and pitch
  • Compatible with any kind of video software

It is one of the tools allowing you to create text to speech for YouTube videos free of cost. The interface of is simple and it brings a lot of features that are good for boosting start, adding pauses in between the speech, changing pitch, or at least importing documents. It also holds a good voice database in several languages. Even though it has no limitation for speech it only allows a recording limit of 10 mins.


  • No word limits
  • No signup required
  • Different languages and adjustments
  • Easy and convenient
  • Allows approximately 10 mins of audio recording

One of the best Text to speech applications for YouTubers. NoteVibes is one of those that impressed its users with the simple, handy, and easy-to-use interface. In order to get access to its dashboard, however, you do require a signup. In case you are going for a free plan, you have 400 words per day and it has a limitation of 3 speech conversions a day only. The free plan offers you 30 voices and allows you to have control over the pauses, adjust the pitch, have an emphasis on desired areas, and more. NoteVibes supports many languages other than English for voice overs.


  • Advanced Editor
  • 30+ Voices
  • Simple Interface
  • Multiple languages
  • 3 speech conversions every day

At the end: 

Your YouTube channel can benefit from using any of the above text-to-speech services. However, I advise using all of these tools to find your favourite sound before using it. I have mentioned 100% free TTS tool as well as freemium tool.

It’s up to you to try out all of these web tools before deciding which one to use for your YouTube channel or for commercial purposes.

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