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Top Tools Required To Start Furniture Flipping Business

When you get started with the furniture flipping business, people ask numerous questions about essential tools for the furniture flipping business.

If you are a beginner then this article is for you. Know what tools you should be using as a beginner.
Not all the mentioned tools you will need in the beginning.

If you are new you can learn more about furniture flipping here.

Here are the top 12 tools needed to start a furniture refurbishing business.

1) Drill machine:

First and foremost tool without which it is not possible to do any kind of repairing or refinishing work on a piece of furniture. You need a drill machine to remove nails screws. It is also used in counterboring of wooden furniture.

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2) Jigsaw:

If you are not blessed with the talent of doing perfect joints with a hand saw or plane then you should use a jigsaw to get good results. A jigsaw is a handy tool for cutting curved edges on wooden pieces.

Bosch 7-Amp Variable Speed Keyless Corded Jigsaw in the Jigsaws department

3) Hammer:

If you don’t have a hammer, you cannot pull out nails or tacks. You will also not be able to drive screws into wooden pieces of furniture. It comes in different types of weights- light, medium, and heavy weighted.

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4) Utility knife:

It is used for both cutting the wood piece into the desired size as well as smoothing sharp edges of the wood piece. You can also use it for applying finishes on the wooden piece.

5) Clamps:

It is essential to hold wood firmly when you are working on it. For this purpose, clamps are very useful tools in the furniture business. This equipment will come in different types of sizes and shapes that will cater your specific needs well.

6) Hand saw:

It is good to have a perfect hand saw in your tool box. A hand saw is very useful for cutting simple joints on the wood piece. This will help you to get better results on the finished piece of furniture.

7) Planer or thickness planer:

If you are not willing to use a hand plane to smoothen the edges of wood piece then you should use a planer or thickness planer in your tool box.

8) Table saw:

If you want perfectly smooth finished furniture, it is recommended to have table saw in your list of tools. It helps you to get perfect cuts on wooden pieces that are not possible with other tools. It is a must-have tool to buy if you want to do furniture business on a large scale.

9) Air compressor:

If you are dealing with sanding and other finish works then it is recommended to have an air compressor in your list of tools. It will help you in doing the job quickly and easily without breathing too much dust.

10) Orbital sander:

If you are in need of perfect smooth finishing on your wooden pieces then an orbital sander will help you. It is not that difficult to use, just be careful when working with it.

11) Shop Vacuum:

This comes in very handy when doing sanding and other finish works. You can connect your sander with a shop vacuum for keeping your work area clean.

12) Screwdriver:

It is not very easy to remove all the existing screws and nails from wooden furniture without a screwdriver. You can find different sizes and types of screwdrivers that will make your work easier. It comes with both flat head and cross head versions.

I hope these tools will help you to start a furniture business on a small scale. It is not necessary that you have all the tools at once, gradually buy more and more of them as your business grows. You can even buy used or old types of equipment which are in good condition at cheaper prices.

I hope this article will help you to start your own furniture refurbishing business.

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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