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How to Make Money with Furniture Flipping In 2022

What if I told you that you can easily make over $1,000+ in two weeks by flipping furniture? will you believe me?

I guess no,

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Before diving into this business you must be aware of all the risks involved in the furniture flipping business. Before reading please read this article first!

So, you’re interested in flipping furniture? 

This article will help you learn about flipping furniture and the best places to buy it at really good prices so that your profits are high when you sell it at close to retail value or for more than what you paid for it.

When flipping furniture, you will need to paint or refinish it and then sell it on Craigslist, eBay or at a yard sale. 

You can also use sites like Facebook and other social media sites to get your name out there and let people know that you’re open for business and looking for deals. 

There are some great places to find furniture in good condition at really low prices.

Best Places to Buy Furniture For Cheap?

Small Weekend Yard Sales

One of the best places to find flipping furniture deals is to look for small weekend yard sales in suburban areas where people are trying to get rid of outgrown or mismatched pieces for quick cash. 

You will have better luck if you can afford a larger ad when selling, but if not, you can still find good flipping furniture deals at smaller yard sales where people may not be so quick to ask for close to retail value. 

Maybe they’ll take $50 if the item is in great shape and looks like it would easily sell for $100 or more.


If you’re looking for flipping furniture online, then Craigslist is one of your best options. You can find flipping furniture in good condition for low prices because people who are selling their items online do not always know what they should be asking for their things. 

They’re just trying to sell it fast and take the first offer that comes along. Craigslist is also a great place to get flipping furniture because you’ll likely have less competition.


eBay is another great site to find flipping furniture online. You can find flipping furniture on eBay with auctions, which means you have the potential to make more money if you sell flipping furniture at the right price.

Storage Units Sales

You can find flipping furniture in storage units that are being sold for non-payment of rent from the leasing company. These places will typically sell all of their contents quickly to make as much of a profit as they can, so you’ll have less people competing against you to buy flipping furniture. 

Sometimes a lot of the contents from a storage unit will not sell until the last day, so if you’re able to get in right before that time and buy flipping furniture, you can make some really great flipping furniture deals.

flea Markets and Estate auctions

There are other places where flipping furniture is sold such as flea markets and estate auctions. You will find flipping furniture at flea markets because there are people selling things they don’t want anymore. There can also be flipping furniture at estate auctions, but these are more toward the higher end of flipping furniture deals.

The best places to buy flipping furniture for really low prices that you can then sell it for a large profit margin is through yard sales and storage units.

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